A Word From Our Founder



I, Dr Soma Sundar. S, believe in the promise of providing free access to health related information to all my patients. Knowledge and education should not be bound. The fear of going through the unknown is the worst fear of all. It is this belief that has lead me to institute this initiative and create a network to provide and share my knowledge and expertise with everyone in need.


In my experience with the patients, I have noticed that taking the time to explain the disease conditions and its treatments resulted in increased co-operation, faster recovery, happier and satisfactied patients. This method I have followed for years in my practice and it is this belief that gave birth to the initiative of SUNDARSPINE.


I understand that the patient experience is a hard period during which thousands of doubts and questions by the patients goes unanswered. It is my hope that this website and its contents answer to all of their important queries, as well as guide them and support them in their recovery. Furthermore, I have taken upon myself to answer a Thousand most commonly asked doubts and questions by the patients regarding their Orthopaedic and Spine associated conditions.


This is purely a non profit initiative and all I hope is that if you have used this website, it has been useful. Thank you.


With Best Regards,

Dr. Soma Sundar. S